Here's a fairly pointless question...


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Harry Potter- No- just kidding
I'm reading THE LORD OF THE FLIES which freaks me out at night and i can't go to sleep.


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Lord of the Flies freaked me out too.

I'm currently reading "The Great Gatsby" for the second time, I'm also in the middle of "The Fast Carriers" which is an interesting novel about the progression of the Aircraft Carrier in the United States Navy, and a book called "Midway" which was put together by an American author based on the accounts of several Japanese Dairies and two surviving members of the battle.

I highly recomend "Midway", it includes an entire account of Japanese military forces prior to the battle and a decent account of the command staff who helped fight the battle. After reading so much from the American perspective this book is awesome for it's reflections on the other side of the battle.

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Battletech novel Storms of Fate, and the novelization of the Battlestar Galactica pilot (the first one).

I've read a load of books in the last six months. Someday I'll make a list of the best ones.


I'm reading the Sigma Protocol. Cool book this is my second time reading it. International intrigue. Gotta love it!


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Finished Galapogos

It's a very typical Kurt Vonnegut book. Where he takes stuff you don't often think about and makes you think about it in a way you never have. The basic synopsis of it is it's told one million years in the future where human have evolved to have smaller braines and furrier bodies, and be better swimmers so they can catch fish. Apparently mother nature did not think intelligence had much survival value to it so it started to change people that way.

But it is also because a million years ago, 1986, the world had annihilated itself and the few surviving mainlaind humans eventually ran out of food for some reason. The only ones to really survive the apocolypse were these people on board a cruise ship that was intended to be a celebrity tour to the Galopogos islands. But even the tour became disastrous and half the people aboard the ship were never intended to be there. Such as these six little girls who come from a cannibalistic tribe. The cruise ship would become the second Noah's arc if you will and cradle the future of humanity.

It was a really funny book to me. Some parts are sad. But the sad parts are always comforting in that strange Vonnegut way. And the interesting thing is that the whole story is told from the perspective of a ghost who died a little more than a million years ago who was one of the guys who built the cruise ship. And not until towards the end does he reveal his identity.

I personally really enjoyed this book and would recommend it if you're into the kind of science fiction that doesn't take itself too seriously.


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ChanceKell said:
Dirk Gently is one of my favorite novel characters.

I think it's the first novel with him I read, I found it in my father's book collection three days ago. But Douglas Adams has written some of my favourite books, especially "Last chance to see".
Though I find it pretty hard to wirte a review about his fictional books - I think it'd make me feel silly. :)

Shipgate: Sounds interesting to me, just a weird as Adams' books, I think I'd like it. But no, I won't read it, now that you have spoilt the ending about the narrator. ;) :p


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"Wolves of the Calla" and "The Black House" by Stephen King. :D
Both excellent books and another brick to the road (Or Beam) leading towards the Dark Tower. :)


Mekt-Hakkikt said:
I'm reading "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" at the moment, by Douglas Adams.

When I read your posts, I can't help but imagine Ralph's voice saying the words. :)


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Don't worry...

Trust me I didn't spoil anything. The narrator tells you pretty early in the story that he's a ghost. And it seems logical that eventually he'll tell you who he is.


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Shipgate said:
Trust me I didn't spoil anything. The narrator tells you pretty early in the story that he's a ghost. And it seems logical that eventually he'll tell you who he is.

I wasn't serious. :)