Help with Replay Controls


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This is a double post but I want to make sure I get some feedback.

I am having issues with the target lock on as well. I mad sure my autotargeting VDU is up, and I hit the start key (that pauses the game) Select does nothing. Note I am still using the simulator, just trying to learn how to use it.

Is there anyone who can tell me how to lock on to a terget?
It sounds like you're doing it right... as in the PC version, you need to autotarget the enemy ship first -- get it to appear on your VDU and then hit Select to make a permanent lock.
Well I found out the targeting does work in the missions but not in the simulator. Another thing I found, this is a hard game to play on the PSP..
Agreed. It seems that it is much easier for the more agile Salthis and Dralthis to run circles around you than in the PC version--I could hardly get them in front of me, and spent much of my time turning as tightly as possible just to face them.
I cant send any comms inflight, I cant land or anything, what are the controls for that? I've tried pressin select while the Claw's in view but nothing happens.
Here's the process.

- Stop in front of the Tiger's Claw.
- Hit Triangle-Right to cycle to the comm system.
- Hit Triangle-Select to cycle down to the Tiger's Claw option (if it doesn't appear, you're too far away -- fly a little closer).
- Hit Select to pick Tiger's Claw.
- Hit Select to choose 'Request Permission to Land'.
- If you don't land automatically at this point, speed up and get a little closer to the ship.

It seems complicated, but it'll be second nature after a few missions.