help re : rescuing temblor bomb scientist


Well i have been playing WC3 for about a week and a half, and am now on the mission where paladin has asked you to go to this kilrathi prison planet, and rescue this scientist who can make a temblor bomb to destroy Kilrath with. What was an added bonus on this level was that i was able to use excalibur.
So i finished the space part of the mission, descended to the planet, then arrived at what the navmap terms 'the extraction point'
In this area was a large building which i termed to be the prison, and several tanks guarding it. After destroying the tanks, i then began to try to rescue the scientist. But I could not figure out how! Landing the excalibur seemed impossible, and i could get nothing on the comms frequency. After puzzling over this for a while i then just returned to the victory, and was told that the mission was an absolute disaster and that i am cleared to land.
Is there any way to achieve sucess in this mission and save the scientist, help would be much appreciated.


I think you're supposed to wait around until a Marine Transport comes and saves the guy. Don't go back until it does.


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Hmm, I can't remember for sure.
The marine idea is a good one, either that or you just have to wait for an autopilot light...
The trouble with atmospheric missions in WC3 is that they're a little wierd... buggy to a point.
Are you sure EVERYTHING is dead?
Sometimes I've found tanks or those dreaded little bastard fighters way out far far away. They didn't seem to show up on my radar either.


You need to destroy *all* ground and air targets at all navpoints, not just the extraction site. After that, you can autopilot out and you see the cutscene of the rescue.

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Just demolish all targets on radar at each nav even the ones further off screen that you can't see in your viewport at first. Once you get the mission objectives accomplished, you're home free.


Ah thank you everyone for your help, and after following Death's Head's advice, and looking for targets way out of view, i found some ground tanks and finsihed the level after watching vagabond punch that guy out. Thanks again for the help.