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>Mr. floundericiousMI
Thank you.
Next time, aircraft carrier Bictorias is produced.

The drawing of a new aircraft carrier was written.

I'm sorry.
I do not know this aircraft carrier.
Is this a large aircraft carrier compared with Tiger Claws?
Please tell me.


gh0d (Administrator)
The Victory (I'm assuming you mean the WC3 home carrier) was slightly longer than the Tiger's Claw, 720 meters versus 700 meters.

Also, the bulge underneath the front end of the carrier was a lot smaller. Unfortunately, I can't find a decent reference picture, at the moment.




Thank you.
It is only a little large.
It has understood.

Your point is a bridge.
The under is shorter.
It corrects it.




Enemy's mothership also made it.

This doesn't understand the size.
In the comparison with Tiger Claws, please teach.

Thank you.


gh0d (Administrator)
You can find almost all of the ship stats, where available, here.

Some, though, haven't yet been updated to the Ships2 setup, in which case here is where you need to look, at the original ships database.
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Aplha 1-1

Damn thats some nice work Kiyara!
I can really appreciate the effort put into producing these mini's, and I wouldn't be concerned over the little details like the hanger bay and such (personally i redo a LOT of detail on my model kits having grown up on GamesWorkshop).

Just off memory but isn't there a website with high-quality ship models you could reference your plans from? Considering what it's for I'm sure the creators would have no problems at all with you using them.

....and I don't suppose you'd be taking any requests? :D



Thank you
Good production can have been done by your cooperation.
The arrangement of my own way joins in the ability of software by all
There is no method though it is regrettable.

>Mr.Aplha 1-1
Thank you

My model is a hobby.
However, this series has not been made a model before.
It is possible to do only by division into me who cannot make it.

The size has been formed within 18cm.
It is because it is arranged a lot.
It is and because the production cost doesn't soar.

Production is stopped in March.
It is for convenience of my work
It tries if requested.
However, there is shape that cannot be produced, too.

I am using the translation software.
When it is not easy to read, and the meaning is strange, I'm sorry.

Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
This is all very, very impressive. 2007 certainly is turning out to be a productive year for Wing Commander, and it hasn't even been two weeks yet.

Your models look very, very clean and accurate, which is a very big feat when it comes to a ship like the Tiger's Claw with so many conflicting drawings and designs. Are you using Metasequoiya software for modeling?

Also, you mentioned that Wing Commander isn't very popular in Japan. Why is that? And how many other fans like you are out there, and do they have any web sites? Have they produced any fan works? I've done a lot of digging but I haven't found anything like that, and I think you're the first admitted Japanese Wing Commander fan I've seen.

Finally, your English is fine. As odd as it sounds, you're much more understandable than certain people who actually try to speak the language without software.


Vice Admiral
Hmm, I am most interested in this idea - unforts im having severe difficulty understanding the website!


A reason in Japan not popular.


>Mr.Bob McDob

I do not understand the meaning of Metasequoiya software.
My software is simple software for the beginner.
However, the software finished selling in a short term.
The reason is that it doesn't sell.
This was a regrettable thing.

Next time, the ship of Starlancer completes.
It introduces the image here.
Next, wing commander's ship is made.

It corrected it.

The wing commander was made to Japanese, and sold.
I think that it was popular temporarily.
However, it did not continue.

I think.....
1)The game of the flight simulator is not general.
2)The robot doesn't appear.
3)A military part is not understood.

However, it seems to be an interesting object in some people.
The people speak missing it.

Thank you for showing understanding in English that I am using.

I wish to express my gratitude to the people to whom Tiger Claws was ordered.




A new ship was finished writing.
It is the next production schedule.

The size becomes about 12cm.

Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
Nice work. Are you planning on making any of the Wing Commander movie ships? Their designs are very similar to Starlancer ships (in some cases there are shared designs.)

I'm also hoping you'll be producing the Snakeir carrier; I'd very much like to see it in physical form.

Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
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