Hello everybody


I am writing it from Japan.
I love wing commander and Starlancer.
However, it doesn't get into the news in Japan.
I made the aircraft carrier referring to the image here.
Please let me hear the impression.



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yeah...wow...how did you construct that? from scratch plasticard, or something else? It almost looks like it was injected...that's awesome!


everybody, thank you.

Starlancer is such a game.
I love this game.
The ship that appears in this game is made.

Tiger Claws cuts down and makes the material.
It is the one like Cast.

I will make the ship like other images.

This is still being produced.

I wish to express my gratitude to everybody who says that it will want this.
The cost of 5000yen(japanese) was necessary for this production of the prototype.

Thank you.


About $42.00 U.S. according to the conversion site I found, but you should definitely charge more than the actual cost to create it. And about $20 to ship it overseas I'm guessing?

Do you take Paypal?


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Hey, that looks very good. What material is it made out of? Was the cast made directly from the computer model?


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Wow, I'm amazed and actually touched by the fascination that Wing Commander has on all kinds of people.

Kyiara, congratulations on your work, it looks fantastic! keep it up!


starlancer Ship


The aircraft carrier and the escort vessel of Starlancer were drafted.



The resin is cut down, and made based on this.

A too detailed part cannot be made.

It is a weak point.


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The resin is cut down, and made based on this.

A too detailed part cannot be made.

It is a weak point.
are the resin pieces all one piece?

how are hollow areas like the tiger's claw runway made?

do you have any pictures of the mold?


Answer to question.


It is a method of producing me.

It traces the plans with PC.

The size is specified.

The resin is cut down, and made.

It is not divided into parts.

This is a drawing of Tiger Claws.

The part in the glide slope and the part of the engine are shown.

The cave is made.

Other ships exist, too.

Please confirm it on my homepage.

Bandit LOAF

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Very cool! Good work!

Your website has a Drayman-class transport, but it has a round cargo container -- is it actualy a Dilligent-class ship?


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I think the ship is fantastic. I am an avid scale modeler and always appreciate good attention to detail.

Obviously this is not a kit to construct, but I am still interested in its overall length? (obviously the scale would be very difficult to determine)


thank you

Thank you.

>Mr.bandit LOAF.
It examined it.
It is pointed out of you street.
I drew based on this drawing.

Please look as a derivation type.

It is length of 15cm.
The purpose of this is to unite other ships and fleets.
Many are revokable if within 25cm.
However, the production price becomes expensive.
It is likely to become four times or more.
And, it becomes very heavy.