Hellcat Back on the Drawing Board (January 12, 2020)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
NightBall06 is back with an update on his Hellcat V design. The concept was originally somewhat inspired by Klavs' Wildcat, but NightBall has further refined the newer ship with his own artistic license and the WC games as a reference. Of particular note is that these are essentially Photoshopped images. Most ships that you see here are 3D modeled renders from a rotatable modeling program, but these are instead each individually crafted pictures based on his design. As a new father, he's unlikely to learn how to build 3D fighters anytime soon, so he's totally open to anyone with that particular skill taking on his design or incorporating into a fan project.

I’ve got a little update on my Hellcat for you and your website.
Over the holidays I had a few hours off-time so I used it. Since I’m still no good at 3D it was Photoshop again, but this time I tried to draw it from all angles accordingly.

It’s not fully finished but far enough so you might show it on your Site.
The sideview is sort of undecided yet - the upper version is close to my original image, the lower version is a bit closer to the original WC3 sketches at the engines.

It would be really cool if someone like DefianceIndustries or Klavs81 would help me visualize my design in 3D.
Because I don’t know if I’ll find time to teach myself 3D - ever since my little daughter started running around :)
Original update published on January 12, 2020