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Because I was in a silly mood, put myself in wc2 with gimp.



Victory, you say?
Woah, wait, Minx was supposed to be a woman?

Well, that would make this dialogue and the way it concluded a lot more stranger:

Ten minutes later…
Barracks, TCS Concordia.
Maverick: What did you want to talk about, Minx?
Minx: You looked lonely, Christopher. I thought you could use a sympathetic ear.
Maverick: “Jazz” Colson has been on me like a curse for the last ten years. I’d have sacrificed my career, sacrificed everything, even my life, to be rid of him.
Minx: You’re a highly skilled pilot, and an officer who follows orders. You’re too valuable to be sacrificed for so little.
Maverick: Minx… I don’t know what to say…
Minx: Then don’t say anything, Christopher.


Super Carrot!
Minx kissing Blair scared me way more than WC4 dead guy and Angels execution ever did.

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Dang it Chris, the university is NOT going to be happy about this! Now I'm going to need to get a new laptop when the weekend is over because you broke my screen!

<unrelated EDIT: finally made it to Captain!>