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Hi again,
quite a while since the last update, so here goes:

- Our website is finally live, you can reach it at http://www.csis-game.net for more info on the game and some screenshots.
- as you might have already guessed by yet, the game's name is now CSiS as in Combat Simulation System. So no more "Havoc's game" or "Unnamed Space Game" :)
- broozar did an awesome on finishing the station model. But judge for yourself:



As always, comments and critique would be nice :)

'till next time!


Hm. Awesome... I'm gone for a week, I come back, and a beautiful station fills that empty space-sector!

Anyways, here's a development Video for you. I'm sorry for the bad quality, broozar has Fraps' full version, but I only have the demo. You get the idea though, it features the Swarm missiles that QuailPilot, webtax and ViolentAJ asked for. I was just working on them, thought they looked kinda neat and so I thought I would show the world. Or the WC-Fans, anyways.

You'll need the XVidCodec to view it.

C&C welcome. Until the game goes commercial, we live off of C&C.

Please note that the target ship is another client flying at constant speed, because I could not control both ships at the same time. Usually they're a little harder to hit. This one was afk :p
Also, I should add that the explosion is not final, and it will be combined with the shaders that boh_havoc's working on.


For those who do not want to download XVid Codec and the movie, we have created a youtube account (I would have prefered vimeo.com, but they don't allow trailers, which we want to add later) so that you can watch them in your browser. HD recommended...

I also added the new asteroid turret. The model is WIP (programmer's art... it's only a dummy model, really) but you can see the action and how it works. Pull it towards an asteroid, drop it onto the asteroid, it'll attach to the asteroid and shoot at anything that's within the range and within the right angle.

another one, showing what happens when you have too much money to buy too many turrets and don't tell boh_havoc about it beforehand :p

We were both cheating a little (I wouldn't have had that much money otherwise, and he would never have survived this long) for demonstration purposes.
Now imagine this with swarm rockets, a mine field inside the asteroid field and 4 or more players...all buying their own turrets.
We're getting there.

This one's one of my favourite, though not taken in game. Go broozar!


No beautiful Screens atm, but this shows that file sending finally works.
The "1", "2" and "3" are placeholders for logos that the players have created. If the server and the other clients allow file sending, the client's logo is sent to the server, and from there to all other clients. Later on, this logo will be displayed on the ship's hull, currently it's only displayed above the radar/scanner when you target the client it belongs to (shown here):


This saturday, CSiS will get it's first official closed Alpha test, hopefully we'll have lots of videos to show afterwards!

A new game mode (Station Siege) is almost done as well.