Have to sell LIFELONG Wing Commander collection


OK. You all have no idea how much this pains me to do this. I have to sell off my Wing Commander collection of items.

I've been a WC fan since WC1 came out in the 80s, and I've never stopped believing... or playing the games. Funny thing a few years back I went to this website and I never really got involved, I just poked around a bit. I love all the patches you software savvy folks are bringing out (and have been!) so I can play my fantastic WC games on my newer computers...

Well, now it's time for a shift in priorities in my life... this is evident by my selling of my Atari 2600, my Nintendo (NES), my Nintendo 64 (with Doctor V64 I might add, so make me an offer!), etc. It really hurts a lot, but I just don't have a choice, I need space for a new life and a new family.

I worked in a software store (remember the Egghead Software chain?) since I was 16 until they went out of business, always picking up anything WC related. Well, here it all is. Surprisingly (or perhaps not), over the years, I seem to have lost most of my floppy disk based versions of the games (or perhaps I sold them then so I could buy the CD versions, I just don't remember).

So, here's a list of the items that I am selling. I figured I could put some of these things on eBay, but I wanted to try it here first, because then I knew it would go from one true WC fan to another. My god, did I mention that I hate to have to do this?

I'm trying to get everything, but I can't promise that I will.. I suppose I'll sell these items to the highest bidder. I'd like to sell it as a collection but I understand I'll probably get more money for the college fund if I split off the silly later releases such as WC: Kilrathi Saga that seem to sell from $110+ on eBay typically... Some things I have you can't even FIND on eBay which I find hard to believe.

So, here's the list... God all I can think about is the TCS Tiger's Claw...

I have pictures, by the way, at least, of the main clump of stuff, hope that works.

-= Paper & Really oddball stuff =-

About 20 magazines, some still sealed, mostly PC Gamer, some PC Entertainment, some Computer Gaming World, etc.
Some loose articles as well (10-15 of those) ripped out of larger magazines.
A letter from Patrick Bradshaw regarding promo materials for the WC III release
Wing Commander IV (4) The Price of Freedom Mark Hamill (Blair) standup, approx 12" high, intended for marketing, obviously
Wing Commander IV (4) The Price of Freedom Monitor surround for I think, a 15" monitor showing the keyboard keys and some closeups of characters, intended for marketing, obviously
Wing Commander IV (4) The Price of Freedom dummy box (exact box game came in, shrinkwrapped but empty for display purposes)
Wing Commander III Heart of the Tiger 1995 Calendar, never used
Wing Commander Trading Card Game Booster Pack set (release coincided with WC3 release), you must have the starter packs for Terrans and Kilrathis if you wish to play (I don't have them). STILL SEALED IN THE DISPLAY BOX, 36 Booster Packs, from Mag Force 7 Inc, officially licensed.
20th Century Fox "Wing Commander: The Movie" press packet from Seattle (with invitation to seattle premiere) along with press photos of cast in picture and descriptive book telling storyline and giving actor bios, in 20th Century Fox folder from the studio
Origin VHS Tape with the in-store Wing Commander Trailer, Wing Commander Gameplay clip and some other game stuff (Crusader and CyberMage)
WC Prophecy Soundtrack Audio CD
Wing Commander the Movie Soundtrack CD
"Secrets of the Wing Commander Universe" by Sybex publishing's Mark Minasi, (C) 1994, 400+ pages, NEAR MINT
"Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander III" by Origin/BradyGames, (C) 1995, and still has the "Behind the Screens: The Wing Commander III Interactive CD" still sealed in the back cover, NEAR MINT
"Wing Commander I & II : The Ultimate Strategy Guide" by Origin/Prima's Mike Harrison, (C) 1992, some edge wear, otherwise NEAR MINT
"Wing Commadner III : The Ultimate Strategy Guide" by Prima's Steve Kent, (C) 1995, NEAR MINT
"Authorized Combat Guide Wing Commander III" by Origin/BradyGames, (C) 1995, NEAR MINT
"Privateer Playtester's Guide" by Origin, (C) 1993, corner damage but otherwise NEAR MINT
Manuals from WCI, WCII, WCIII, Privateer, Armada, Privateer 2, Academy, Origin Screen Saver, TopTen Pack (including WC), etc etc etc. with the games

-= WC Novels =-
First printing all of them, I'm pretty sure, I bought them pretty much the day each one came out, all in very good to excellent shape
"Freedom Flight" by Mercedes Lackey/Ellen Guon
"End Run" by Christopher Stasheff/William R Forstchen
"Fleet Action" by William R Forstchen
"Heart of the Tiger" by William R Forstchen/Andrew Keith

-= Action Figures =-

ALL action figures are new in box/container. In fact, they are still in their shipping box from the factory (marked as such on the outside).
2 (TWO) x Marine Blair
2 (TWO) x Blair in Flight Suit
2 (TWO) x Deveraux
Commodore Taggart
Pilgrim Traitor
Kilrathi General
2 (TWO) x Kilrathi Pilot

-= Oddball/Game software items =-

IE Interactive Entertainment Magazine-CD (no magazine ever, just a CD!) Vol 3, incl WC Armada review
IE Interactive Entertainment Magazine-CD (no magazine ever, just a CD!) Vol 2, incl Super Wing Commander 3DO Review
Wing Commander IV The Price of Freedom/Crusader No Remorse Demo CD
Wing Commander III Heart of the Tiger In Store Demo Disc
Wing Commander III Heart of the Tiger In Store Demo Disc (still sealed from Origin)
2 Copies of Computer Gaming World Extra with Wing Commander IV Demo (still sealed)
PC Gamer CD-ROM Edition Vol 3 No 1 with Wing Commander IV info
Wing Commander III Behind the Scenes CD - Probably came bundled with the WC III Premiere Edition
SegaCD Wing Commander in plastic case with manual
Super Nintendo Wing Commander in box, with manual, NEAR MINT

-= Complete Games (as far as I can remember, so ask if you have a list! -- These are all still in their boxes) =-

Wing Commander 1 (1990 release) on 3.5 disk with ship diagrams, and all manuals, inserts, etc.
Wing Commander 1 Deluxe Edition (1992 release) on CD with all stuff inside
Wing Commander 2 Deluxe Edition (1992 release) on CD with all stuff inside
Wing Commander 2 Deluxe Edition CD-ROM Classics (I assume it was around 1993-94 this was released) with CD and only paper insert.
Wing Commander 2 on a EA Games Top Ten Pak CD with reference card
Wing Commander 1 and 2 Deluxe Edition Combo Pack (1994 release) on CD with all the stuff inside, CD still sealed, set includes reproductions (exact) of both original manuals
Wing Commander Academy (1993 release) on 3.5 disk with all materials
Wing Commander Academy CD-ROM Classics (93 or 94 release) with CD and insert
Wing Commander Privateer (1993 release) on CD with all manuals, etc
Wing Commander Armada (1994 release) on CD with all manuals, etc
Wing Commander Privateer 2 The Darkening (1996 release) on CD with all manuals, etc
Wing Commander Prophecy (1997 release) on CD with all manuals, etc
Wing Commander 3 Heart of the Tiger retail release, STILL SEALED
Wing Commander 3 Heart of the Tiger Premiere Edition, still contains:
Round film canister packaging
Box for CDs but has no barcode or system requirement info on the bottom (came alongside film canister)
"Behind the Scenes CD" (listed above)
Manual and Playguide
WC Fleet Action novel by William Fortschen (never read, MINT)
"The Making of WC3 The Interactive Movie" on VHS never viewed, MINT)
WC3 Poster, still folded never used
WC3 Ship data poster/card/foldout, still folded never used
Warranty card and all other inserts
I took the T-shirt out, I think I want to keep it unless you make a really big offer!! Never worn (yet!)
Wing Commander 4 The Price of Freedom on CD (all manuals, inserts, etc)
Wing Commander 4 The Price of Freedom on PC-DVD (sleeve & DVD only)
Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga on CD (all manuals, etc) box has a dent/tear in center of bottom of box and CDs in excellent shape (used twice) other than that in near mint

-= Things I can't find but should have somewhere) =-

OriginFX Screen Saver box (present) -- but can't find the 3.5 disks, yet. I'll keep looking.

I Don't think many of you can understand how hard this is... but if you look at my collection, perhaps you get an idea. I'd like to sell this as a collection, so I expect the offers to be decent..

Thanks all, sorry to bring this sad news... I hate this, did I mention that?

Email any offers to me at my handle @ hotmail.com or post back here and I'll try to check pretty often. I do have
good feedback on eBay if you want to do some checking on me if you're wary, I would be too.

To quote Taggart in the WC1 manual, "Somebody's got to win, and somebody will probably die"
I feel like I'm not winning....


Frog Blast the Vent Core!
holy crap I wish I had some extra money I would get as much of that amazing collection off you as possible...


Mr. Standoff
Wow, it's sad seeing someone have to part with such a fine collection (which obviously took a lot of effort to put together in the first place). Wish you the best of luck selling it, and with your new priorities as well.


Damn, dude, I feel nauseous that you're selling all that great stuff, but if you got to do it, you got to do it. I've spent over seven years looking hard for all the WC games I own (all of 'em now!!!!!), and I couldn't imagine parting with them.

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Man, that's tough. You've got a nice collection.

I've got to suggest you split it up, though. The people who will pay for a mini-Blair standup aren't the same people who need to buy a copy of WCIV in the first place. I'd divided it into collectables and the games themselves, if you're trying to keep things simple and still make as much as possible.


Probably sage advice there... sigh.... I guess it almost makes sense to take my subheadings and perhaps sell it in those groups, the only one to be split up perhaps, should be the actual Games one... (save for the "WC3 Making of CD" which belongs in the WC3 Premiere Edition but I listed it in another section)...

Where's that Crossbow when you need it?


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Yeah, the shipping alone for the stuff that people already have would be cost prohibitive. Anyone that would want some of that stuff probably already has half of it. The games can probably go as a lot, and a good number of the collectible items would probably go best separately. We could probably use the magazines for news.


Out of curiosity, if I do split some of this stuff up, does anybody know what the going rates are for...
WC Kilrathi Saga
WC3 Premiere Edition
WC3 Still sealed new in box

Those are probably the "big three" minus all the collector's stuff (non software).



Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Regular WC3 doesn't go for all that much.. Premiere can be $25-75 and Kilrathi Saga $100-150 generally.


sweet lord almighty, that's a lot of wc stuff.

i don't think i've ever seen enough money in my life to buy that all.


Yep, it hurts... I hate that I need the space and the $$ or believe me, I'd be getting rid of.. oh wait, NONE OF IT!!!


Thanks for the info guys. Let me know if you guys want any of this stuff, I'm reasonable...

No Regret

I'd be willing to purchase the Blair standup or WCIII poster. What's your price? (+shipping to Belgium, if that's not too much trouble)


Rear Admiral
how much do you want for Wing Commander Prophecy, Wing Commander I and II Deluxe edition, Wing Commander III, and/or any of the novels?


212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
Ill make an offer for the whole lot.

Or just the cards and some other stuff.


That's a tough sacrifice. Are you really sure that you don't want to keep any of it at all? If I were you I might decide on just one or two things to keep (personally, I'd keep Kilrathi Saga if I had it, but I know that's also the highest selling commodity you have). But, I have to hand it to you. You are putting your priorities on real life, and no matter how much we love WC, real life is what really matters the most.


Yeah, I thought about it. I think that if I keep anything, I'll keep the two WC T-shirts that I have, both have never been worn... one is the WC3 Premiere Edition T-shirt and the other is a longsleeve-T from the movie...

But perhaps those will go with the collection as well... we'll see...