Has anyone ever seen Battlefield Earth?


I like when people clap and cheer when you go to opening night for star wars prequels. I'll miss that.

Zor Prime

That guy.
Frosty said:
I'm sure Xenu is pleased to hear this.

Xenu can fall in a well, then die in a fire.

Maj Striker said:
Yes...movie blew harder than Hurricane Katrina.

Lets just say the movie was supposed to be in two parts. And....only one came out. You get the picture.



ChrisReid said:
I've seen some bad movies before, but I've never seen any noticeable number of people leave or boo. Does that ever actually happen in real life?

I've never heard anyone actually boo a film, but that's just me. I've walked out of a couple...A Thin Red Line immediately comes to mind...:eek:

I've also not heard applause happen at the end of, or during, a film since the original release of Return of the Jedi...until tonight. Took my daughter to see Cars, and it ended with much applause at the end.

Which means to say, "Yes, go see Cars".

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Cars was excellent.

My Cars-audience did manage a collective 'awww' at a proper time. So, there's that.

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Bugs Life was enjoyable. I watched through all the movies last week in preparation for Cars, and I think it really holds up much better than Finding Nemo or Monsters, Inc.


I much prefer those two movies. What did you find wrong with Monsters or Nemo? For me I think the reason I didn't enjoy Bugs Life so much was that I enjoyed Antz so much more :p. Actually I just really didn't like the characters very much, except the fat catterpillar thing.


Rear Admiral
I still can't get past the idea of flying around 2000 year old airplanes past my brain... Of course, the book handles it in a much more sensible way... As for whether or not people walk out of a theatre in real life? I've been to movies where you have a few people bugger off and leave... Then I went to see The Thin Red Line- mentioned above. I was one of only 6 people left (everyone else left, including the people I cam with) who was like 'there HAS to be an ending to this movie'. Dear Bob what a bad film....


Cry some more!
Bugs' life is shallower and more kiddie than the others. But I like all their movies. Especially Monster's Inc. and Incredibles.


I Had seen battlefield earth and i found the movie wasn't THAT bad... right, there are a lot of inexplicable things, but it's gave me a nice two ours... I buyed it because the presence of Mr. Travolta... Definitely his worst movie (worst than saturday night fever...)

It had a couple of fun moments (the rat for work and the destroyed city with the comments of the two weirdos)