Has anyone ever finished anything else like Wing Commander 4.123106?


Go ahead. While you're at it, have someone make a mod for WCIV that makes it WC 4.123106.


I had quite a number of ideas for a fic titled "Wing Commander 3.1416: The Heartburn of the Tiger", but I never managed to turn it into a real story. How about we toss around some story ideas?


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I wanted to do a poster for Park Commander 3: Probe Of The Fatass. A South Park parody poster for WC3 with Cartman's face where Blair is and one of the Aliens where Thrakhath is. Paladin would be replaced by Chef, Tolwyn by Mr. Garrison, and Flint and Rachel by Wendy and Bebe. The Longbows would be replaced by Marklars and the Dralthis maybe by the 700 Club's battlecruiser.