Happy happy joy joy

Thats pretty f****d up man. But here is my question......what the hell is Yatta, and why are there music videos of it all over the net?
You call THAT a comeback, and you double-posted on me? Put up your dukes, it's time to teach you a lesson...

Wulf comes out to meet T8H3X11,
And T8 starts to retreat.
If he goes back any further,
He'll end up in a ringside seat.
Wulf swings with his left,
Wulf swings with his right!
Look at young Wulf
Carry the fight!
T8H3X11 keeps backing,
But there's no more room.
It's a matter of time now,
Wulf lowers the boom.
Now Wulf swings with a right.
(What a beautiful swing!)
The hit raises the bear
Clear out of the ring.
T8 is still rising,
And the ref wears a frown,
For he can't start counting,
Until T8H3X11 comes down.
Now he disappears from view,
And the crowd is going frantic!
Our radar's picked him up;
He's somewhere over the Atlantic!
Who would have thought
That instead of a fight,
They'd witness the launching
Of a human satellite?
Yes, the crowd did not dream
When they laid down their money.
They saw a total eclipse
Of this little sonny!