Happy Birthday Star Citizen! (October 10, 2021)


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It's hard to believe, but today marks nine years since the official unveiling of Chris Roberts' Star Citizen to the world. Due to the pandemic, the festivities have been virtual, but that means everyone has easy access to all the content they've prepared. The party is primarily being hosted over on Twitch and RobertsSpaceIndustries. I've posted one developers panel below so you can get a taste. Lots of SC fans are going into further the detail of all that, so I'll just leave you with a cool behind-the-scene pic from Sandi Roberts. It shows Chris in his Tiger Claw hat and WC crew jacket while getting ready for the reveal in October 2012!

Here's a couple more throwback pics - we were young!

Original update published on October 10, 2021
This year was the first one with a show that I did not watch. In the early years, I stayed up late to watch it live. Three years ago, I watched it the next morning. In 2021, I read a very brief summary on a gaming news site and that was it.

Honestly, I have just lost interest 🙄 and while I have defended this project for years, there is no denying that their task is gigantic and their visible progress is not. No, SC is not Vaporware and no CIG is not a scheme. But its also not a reasonably-scoped project right now and it fails to materialze in a shape that is compelling to me. Especially the SQ42-side is probably way WAY behind at this point, considering communication regarding that over the last few years.
What they are doing right now makes sense business-wise, since it makes a shit-ton-of-money but... I would rather play Rebel Galaxy Outlaw now, or Star Wars Squadrons. Or the Tie Fighter Remake, once the v1.2 hits...
I was this year in a few keys disappointed

- the show itself - was looking like a XL Version of the weekly ISC shows
- nothing about SQ42 - at least some words or 2-3 scenes without a spoiler should be shown - we have nothing last year, nothing this year.... the Actors did not life forever. Some of them have a high age for Sq42 Chapter 2 and 3...
- no Keynote, not a "one last thing" trailer so something

The opening was - "we are in Concept, those WIP Concepts, nothing is final, Concept"...guys - a lot of people wrote me - you want me to play this? You will not survive the release or a 10 year game experience.

Chris Roberts, the man behind our Wing Commander - 5min of Words in a 7hours show? Why?

The Good - the 400i looks nice for a small crew Explorer. The Liberator a cutaway the deck and much shorter Tarawa. I expect after the hint at Invictus a bigger vessel from Anvil - maybe even a near Copy of the Tarawa class but ok - a Poor mans Kraken for 1/3 of the money and CCU very cheap to it.
Pyro and special the clouds look nice. Three ways to get the mission done also a +++

Those clouds later on ArcCorp, Hurston and the other worlds - in another games a Loading screen. But when we get the final V1.0 with some systems at least? Not before 2025 or so. I backed in 2012 - Citizen No. 250 but there i was 36 - now i'm 45. time to hurry!

Don't get me wrong - i love this game and spend meanwhile a lot of money - Space Marshall Deathsnake :ugly: Play 8-10 hours a week at least and with 3.14 all reputations on max. Level. But... i want to play with more friends of the Org, more professions, more Systems and a Questline from all those Named NPC.