Happy Birthday Privateer 2! Enjoy a Fan Remade Cutscene (December 16, 2021)


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Jayden Morris is back with a lovely follow-up to the Jincilla Veldor[/url] fighter remake he posted last month. At the time, he hinted that there was a nifty Privateer 2 project in the work and this is the result. He's recreated the landing cinematic for pilots landing on Anhur. This really caters to the interests of a niche subset of a niche fandom, and we salute Jayden for the effort here! You can find some sharp renders from the scene here.

I would also like to apologize for sitting on this for a week. He sent it to us just in time for December 9, which was the 25th anniversary of Privateer 2's launch. So Happy Belated Birthday to P2 as well! Here's the video:

We also have the original for comparison:

And here's a HUD-free version:

Last, but not least, Jayden did a more thorough fly-around of the environment:

Original update published on December 16, 2021
Yea. He add a lot of Star Citizen Models. You see it in the 3rd Video thumbnail - a Drake Kraken. In the flyby also a Corsair, Constellation, Buccaneer and a Mustang.