Happy Birthday Memes! (April 1, 2019)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
No, this isn't a listing of memes related to birthdays, today marks one year since we kicked off our frivolous diversion: Wing Commander Meme of the Day. To celebrate, here's a rundown of our top nine favorite memes.

[*]Most Interesting Man in the World


[*]Evil Kermit

[*]Third World Skeptical Kid

[*]That's a Paddlin'

[*]Nerves of Peele

[*]One Does Not Simply

[*]Yo Dawg Heard You

[*]Bad Pun Dog

[*]Think About It

[*]Too Damn High

[*]Excaliburz Wit Attitudes

[*]The One About Akkbar, of course...

Original update published on April 1, 2019