Happy Birthday CIC! (August 10, 2016)


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The party isn't until Saturday, but today is the official 18th birthday of the CIC!

Thanks to everyone in this community for making this place what it is. Even years after the last game release, I'm amazed to see what this community comes up with in terms of new art and mods.

So, Happy Birthday and Long Live the Confederation!


Congratulations on keeping this old haven alive so long! Nice to still find a friendly face in the void.

Oh and @CIC:

"Smoke if you got em."


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Today officially marks 18 years since we founded the CIC here at WCNews.com! We'll be fully observing the celebration this Saturday evening, but we're certainly taking a moment today to reflect on the time that's passed. Back in the summer of 1998, none of us working hard to launch the site were yet 18 years old ourselves, so we couldn't possibly have imagined everything continuing through to this day. There were new games, books and a movie all in development, so reporting the news of the day was easy. Over the years we've gone through different evolutions to focus on all of your amazing fan projects as well as digitally preserve as much intriguing archive material as possible. Now, as we've spent most of our lives dedicated to the Wing Commander community, we're extremely proud of what has come together here thanks to everyone's hard work. Thanks for sticking with us - we'll see you at the party Saturday night!


If you're working on something to be released in conjunction with the Birthday Party, please let us know! Saturday will get hectic, so the advance notice helps.

Original update published on August 10, 2016
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Lookin forward to Saturday! Happy birthday wc cic and thanks as always for keeping Wing Commander alive for us crazy nerds!


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Eighteen years! And to think that working on UE and then Standoff continuously for a decade felt like far too long. Keeping things going for eighteen years is impressive, particularly since it's never been easy. There were so many reasons along the way to get discouraged about the future of Wing Commander and give up. There still are, in fact. And yet you keep going - congratulations on a job well done, thank you for all your efforts, and please do keep going!


Happy to still be coming back to the Home Sec... CIC. :D

Seriously, to Kris and Chris and the rest of the staff; thank you for all your effort keeping the ship afloat.


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Yup.. 18teen years it's sometime, I must admit. I grew up and now I have a family and CIC is still there and holding!
Truly a good job from you guys.
Happy Birthday!


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Wow, CIC is old enough to drink in the UK, pity is in the USA. ;)

Thank you to everyones continued commitment to preserve and expand the WC universe.

Here is to even more great things to come in the future.


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Thanks for the submission, but at this point it's too close to the party. We'll be sure to post it later this month when the dust settles though!