Confed marines probably learn some tatics to defeat a Kilrathi soldier without a gun...
Does anyone agree?
Most definitely. Being bigger in size means the probability of hitting pressure points increase. Of course, this is easier said than done, but with a high degree of learning, hand-to-hand victories are far from impossible. You don't necessarily have to use hands, though. Our swordsmanship could dispatch big cats very effectively; use a nodachi or a salamanka.:)
I'd also agree that this was stated in one of the books. (Can't remember which one) And if not, it's almost an assured answer of yes. After all, the Kats may be better at physical prowess, but I'm sure Confed would realize they would rely more on brute strength against us, rather than skill.
Oh yeah...it may be from Action Stations, iirc.
Correction...LOAF mentioned marine training from the handbook.
I just remembered the arena battle between the humans and cats in AS, LOL!
Yes, but it shouldn't be assumed that a human would automatically have superior skills to match a Kilrathi's size and strength. As Hobbes said in WC3, Kilrathi learn to fight to hand while they're still infants.

Best, Raptor
The point is that Marines are trained to fight Kilrathi hand-to-hand -- not that they'll always win.
All we need to know to answer this question is the measurement of refinement in their hand-to-hand combat skills. Do the Kilrathi still fight like their ancestors who roamed the great plains of Kilrah, or have they developed refined martial arts, like us. If the latter is true, it's just a question of which are most effective against the one the other holds. But if the first is true, I'd agree with that statement.

I believe for one it's the latter. But even if their martial arts are effective against other Kilrathi, they may not be against humans.
Bare-handed human vs. Alert Kilrathi = no chance for human.

Human with rifle-tipped bayonet + kevlar armor vs. Kilrathi = significant edge to Kilrathi (greater mass, teeth, claws on hands and feet) but the human has a fighting chance.

Human with spear/naginata/other long weapon, shield, and armor vs. unarmed Kilrathi = roughly even fight. Boys in Africa are initiated into manhood by hunting lions with spear+shield. An unarmed Kilrathi is a dangerous opponent, but probably not that dissimilar to a Terran lion.

Scent-masked human with a trench knife vs. conscript Kilrathi guard asleep at post = human victory.

Get out of the strict hand-to-hand for a minute -- Human with a pistol or grenade vs. unarmed Kilrathi = human victory.

For thousands of years humans have fought creatures on earth with better natural weaponry and overcome them by virtue of technology and smarts. The Kilrathi also have technology and smarts, so human tech and smarts will probably only give us a fighting chance hand-to-hand vs. the Kirathi, rather than the complete domination we enjoy over terran animals.

OTOH, fighting Kilrathi hand-to-hand isn't the smartest way to fight them. I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.


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Got it

Obscure reference to Aliens the sequel to Alien starring Sigourney Weaver. Great movie just happened to have watched it the other night might have missed it had I not (pat's himself on back).
Originally posted by pendell
Human with rifle-tipped bayonet + kevlar armor vs. Kilrathi = significant edge to Kilrathi (greater mass, teeth, claws on hands and feet) but the human has a fighting chance.

I have to differ with you here. A human with a rifle and bayonet can skewer a Cat before the Cat gets in range to use his claws. A bayonet-tipped rifle is effectively a spear. Of course, better to just shoot the damn Cat before it gets to hand-to-hand level.

Or play dead, until the Cat leans over to investigate, and stick a knife in its guts...
I strongly disagree. I have studied martial arts quite extensively, and even I would say that one would have to be insane to take on a ferrocious beast like this. Of course, the commandoes and marines will study hand-to-hand as part of their training--not that this would be their preferred choice of combat. And Kilrathi are not animals. They have H2H training as well (and this is against other equally sized creatures).

While I do not remember the exact quote, the ConFed Handbook pretty much summerized like this, even armed with a knife or staff humans are greivously overmatched against Kilrathi warriors. The three-inch Kilrathi claws are capable of cleanly severing a human spinal column, and the average Kilrathi warrior has sufficient strength to lift about 700kg of dead weight overhead. Proving that even with a weapon (or maybe a bayonet), hand-to hand combat is not recommended. And even if the marine was fairly strong--say that he could lift 200kg, the Kilrathi is still just so much more powerful that the odds are really aginst the human.

I agree with Pendell, bare handed human against a Kilrathi--no chance.
If human was armed with a weapon--their is a small chance, although the human is still "greivously" overmatched.
By the way, if you have not yet noticed, I'm a Kilrathi sympathizer
Originally posted by pendell
An unarmed Kilrathi is a dangerous opponent, but probably not that dissimilar to a Terran lion.
A silly thing to say. You could just as easily claim that an unarmed human is not that dissimilar to a Terran dog.