Gratha redone

Michelle D


Made this one so that the octagon shape was not solid but more like a shell made from individual panels, which to my surprise allows for everything to fit the Clawmarks reference fairly well. :eek:

Added in some teeny maneuvering thrusters as well.
Hopefully I'll have something done, I haven't been working on much lately to be honest though.

Good news is I'm getting a Z400 HP Workstation which will come with the Xeon W3530 2.8GHz but can be upgraded to the six-core w3680 so when/if prices ever drop I'll pick one of those up and hopefully bring down my render times. Currently I'm on a Core2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz but I'm plagued by poor render times or badly optimized render settings or scene elements.
Oh wow. I didn't realise technological constraints would be an issue. How long does it usually take you to render a single scene (say, a few subjects plus a moderately complex background)?

My primary machine is just over two years old now, and it's not that much more powerful than yours, I don't think. The new workstation sounds nice, though.
Michelle - If you like, I could take a look at the render settings and try and optimize them for you? I've gotten rather good at that over the years. You are using Max, yes? If you'd rather not just give away your work (and I totally understand) I'd be willing to do some sort of model swap. :D
Nice work, as always.
You really like that ship, don't you? :D That must be the.... fourth? version of the Gratha you are doing. But yeah, always a different approach and I like it.

Although I'd love to see a finished version, maybe even usable in a game engine or something like that.

How high is the poly count at the moment, btw?
loving it

~~~... from a few angles it almost looks a bit robotech/macross like...

for that though, the engine pods would need to a little longer (at current they're only really long enough to be the knees to feet)... the outer gun/missile pods would then be the arms...

maybe I'll do a quick sketch of what I'm imagining later today... I swear it's almost funny how certain design's and/or design features instantly bring up memories of the transformable VF's from robotech/macross.
Thanks for the offer Howard, actually I'm using XSI and Maya, but I'm doing a bit better now and my new comp shaved off 3mins rendering the same scene in a side by side test I ran. :D

I wouldn't mind building a mech variant of the Gratha.
Yes, I do have some strange affection for the ship.
I made a few low poly Grathas I think < 900 tri's but I'll need to dig them up, I forgot what game I was trying to use them for.
This is actually more like the Twelfth variant but I really stopped counting since I have many incomplete models scrapped taking up HD space. I think my biggest problem is making the ship look cohesive.

Edit: I actually found all 11 but I can't find my red Gratha model :(
Here they are together.

I was inspired by the A10 Warthog/Thunderbolt?, so I made this modeling the cockpit area off of the A10.

I think its the best model if the Gratha I have seen so far. Good work.

Thank you. :)