Gothri Gripe


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First appearing in the SO plot of WC2. I find that this fighter is grossly overrated. Its slow, its weapons don't pack much of a punch, and I think I've been able to get on this fighter's tail more often then all the other WC2 fighters combined.

So then, why is this fighter considered such a menace? The damn rear turret. I don't know what it is, but it always seems like the Kilrathi have shockingly overpowered/annoyingly accurate rear turrets. The forward guns on this thing do almost no damage to me. All thier hits come from that one lousy turret. Take that away, and you've got a fighter that is worse off then a Scimitar.


What? A Gothri is pretty much the equal of the Sabre--it has heavier shields and slightly thinner armor, but its speed, handling, and weapons loadout are comparable. IIRC the only reason that the Sabres in SO2 weren't much of a threat is because they only used their particle guns and not their mass drivers.

Max Gene

I agree, though- without that rear turret I wouldn't care. WITH it I hate them. I like tailing things, not rolling and flopping off to their sides.


And I've killed more Gothri than any other Kilrathi starfighter - but only because I've had to replay the damn missions so many times.


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I have a strong hate against the Gothri. Especially against its rear turret. Just like the Paktahn. I hate it....


I HATED the fact that at first it was extremely hard for me to get kasra in his gothri. he would always survive my full guns salvos even though his ship was heavily damaged and then he would always punch afterburners leaving me behind in my crossbow. Should I have had a sabre I would have loved this mission, Instead I went on hating it.

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I wish you folks could have seen the Gothri model they did for Arena - it was truly spectacular (heck, just the fact that they remembered the Gothri in the first place was pretty neat...)

The Gothri is the Kilrathi fighter that I would most like to fly myself; I love the smooth rounded lines... and the fact that six torpedoes are standard is fascinating.


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IMHO, the Gothri was by far WC2's deadliest fighter. In Standoff they can be quite powerful, but they're not nearly as dangerous as the WC2 Gothris.


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I found the Gothri to be one of the few very capable ships the Kilrathi field, both in SO 1 and Priv. And it's beautiful, like most ships from those games.

LOAF, I always hoped/thought that we would get to see the Arena Gothri in an Art of Arena nes update...


Between fighting Khasra and his gang in a Crossbow and the last mission of SO1 of fighting them and the Fralthra, I learned to respect the Gothri. They always seemed like a pretty good match for the Morningstar in SO2; I certainly didn't find facing them to be a piece of cake. I seem to recall one mission where five or six of them jump the Gamal Gan, and to have any big hope of survival, I'd have to immediately fire off a Mace to kill off a few of them.


In Standoff, there's that mission where you have to fight off a whole bunch of Gothri at once... I still have nightmares.
If the Kilrathi had designed more fighters like the Gothri, I'm not sure how the war would have turned out. For certain many more Confed pilots would have died.


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Imagine if we would have had to face more Sorthaks. It really fits the definition of superheavy fighter, if not light corvette.

It really deserved more mission time than it got in WC3.


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Imagine if we would have had to face more Sorthaks. It really fits the definition of superheavy fighter, if not light corvette.

It really deserved more mission time than it got in WC3.

Argh, I hate those. They were the heavily armored ones with the pair of turrets, right?

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It's an interesting connection, because the Sorthak and the Gothri both share an odd flaw in my mind... they appear to be really, really small in the game. The Gothri and the Sorthak always felt unusually small compared to other Wing Commander II/III fighters to me - did anyone else experience that?