Google Play Store Finally Adds Freedom Flight Ebook (January 15, 2023)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
We've got good news for completionists today! From early 2016 through mid 2018, the full lineup of Baen Wing Commander novels was released in digital form. And nowadays you take it for granted that you can just carry all this amazing content around in your pocket wherever you go, but it was quite a saga to get there. The CIC team and many others lobbied Baen for 15+ years to get a digital release for the series. And this wasn't just for convenience - it also allowed for preservation and access as some of the novels started to get harder to find. Originally they actually skipped End Run, which was one of the books in highest demand, and it was the last to be released online.

We were also initially impressed that the novels were hitting all six major ebook retailers, except for one quirk! As the first release, somehow Freedom Flight was left out of the Google Play Ebook store. So whenever we list out the links to each title and where to get them, there's always been that one conspicuous gap. But no longer! Google Play has finally added Freedom Flight, more than six years after their competitors. Better late than never! It seems like this was actually accomplished in August of 2022, but we just noticed recently. If Google Play is your storefront of choice, now's your big chance to complete the collection!

Original update published on January 15, 2023