Goodbye, Eagle One (December 10, 2007)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Sorry I am late to this. 13 years late.
My name is Rob, and I worked with Eagle-1 on the wcrpg on mIRC. He and I created a lot of the ships, and tested out a lot of his systems for the RPG over there.
I am remembering a lot of the names, and stories now. I was an aspiring 3-D artist at the time, and I created a lot of the ships and visuals he would use in his games. Including the TCS Maelstrom. Which is what brought me to this post somehow.
almost 15 years since I stopped going on mIRC and I am still remembering him today.
And I recognize a lot of the names here still.
He had a large impact on quite a few years of my life, back in the day.
I was actually hoping to somehow contact him when I came across this today.
Lot of fun working on the Maelstrom design with you man, as well as everything else. Sorry I never finished the Kilrtathi Saga video.
You are still remembered.

Oh my gosh, hello Darkshear! I remember you and those days very fondly... we've got a few of the old crew still hanging around on the Wing Commander Discord server today! Very happy to see you're still out there!


Eagle has shown me nothing but kindness. I joined #wing-commander and #wingnut and they both were cool and different. That being said, Wayne convinced me to stick with my girlfriend at the time, this year marks our ten year marriage.

One of the largest regrets I had was not meeting the man in person and having a cuppa joe with him. I remember finding out after going to Yale (visiting museums not studying) that he was a hop and a skip away. Keep soaring high eag. And say hi to the bartender in Jolson, she's winking at you.


Rear Admiral
Wow I'm just seeing this now. I remember Eagle One. I used to hang out in both chats, as the "split" had already happened when I came along. I also remember you LOAF and the others of the CIC. I don't think I was going by Darkmatter back then, but I could be wrong. I believe at that time I may have still been using Firefly.

Eagle One was always very friendly, patient and supportive. I find it both sad and funny that he died the same year my dad did. Who knew that I wouldn't know this fact for 13 years.......

I never forgot Eagle One, even before seeing this today, or any of you, and Eagle One will still be remembered tomorrow, and the day after that.