GOG Weekend Sale Knocks $35.94 Off WC Series (September 14, 2019)


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It's an EA Weekend over at GOG.com. Dozens of games from Electronic Arts are discounted 75% through Monday morning. You might have the Wing Commander games, but there's also discounts on the Crusader series, Strike Commander, Ultima and more. GOG.com makes it very easy to launch your WC favorites, so if there's a gap in your digital collection, this is another good chance to fill it! Check out the full sale listing here.

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Original update published on September 14, 2019


That's because these deals have to be arranged with the publisher and Space Rogue is owned by Night Dive instead of Electronic Arts.
Interesting; did they get those rights through EA?
Any chance we will see other origin games remastered? I just played Turok 2 by these guys, it's fairly by the numbers but enough to make the game much more enjoyable.


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It seems that Night Dive Studios also has the rights (or some portion of them) to both System Shocks.

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It's possible Electronic Arts never owned the Space Rogue rights. In the early days (through 1990) Origin worked somewhat differently: creators were independent contractors and the company provided funding, talent and publishing to them in exchange for a cut of the game's sales. It's probably not a coincidence that Space Rogue was a Paul Neurath game and that Paul went on to found Looking Glass which also held the System Shock 2 rights that Nightdive had to untangle. (After Looking Glass went out of business their library was owned by an insurance company which had little interest in games but prevented a re-release of System Shock for years and years.)