Getting Back into the Series

Hey everyone,
Used to really enjoy this series so many years ago and recently was given a few computers and was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on one to use for playing The Kilrathi Saga through maybe Prophecy.
The first is a Dell Dimension v400
400MHz Intel Pentium II
Currently I believe 64 MB 100MHz SDRAM DIMMs.

The second Dell Dimension XPS t600r
600MHz Intel Pentium III
GTX Geforce FX 5600
Two PATA drives 36.5 and 122.9 GBs free

Last a HP Vectra C/300A Series7 Celeron 300MHz 64MB RAM
Rage iic agp graphical card and 3.2 GB PATA hard drive

Let me know if any of these can be used for these games and or suggestions on things I should be looking for to replay this amazing series.
I appreciate the suggestion but for me I'm trying to play the games as I originally did in the late 90s. So I'm trying to use older hardware if it will work for this.