Getting Attacked While Docked

I docked at a base (Joplin I think?) before taking out the two or three ships that were chasing me so I could escape to what I thought was safety. While inside the base I could still hear the noises as if my ship were being fired upon, then an explosion. It's a good thing I couldn't access the cargo or mission menues to save it (or get missions/cargo) because as I went back out to the landing bay my ship had dissapeered. In a fit of confusion I clicked launch, just to see if I could still fly, but instead the game crashed and now I'm here posting this. :p

One other thing I happened accross was when I tried to load a game it crashed.

Another thing that other people might not have trouble with was the asteroids. They slow down my frame rate considerably. Luckily I haven't had to fight anyone inside an asteroid field yet, since it's tough enough just navigating them.

Other than that, great job so far! I hope to see the completed version soon!

P.S. Anyone know where I can buy a Drayman?