Germans Love Their Wing Commander (December 14, 2018)


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Here's a couple of German gems provided by Deathsnake. First up is the review of Wing Commander 1 from the December 1990 issue of Power Play. It apparently gets a double "Super" and 88% rating. We previously posted the magazine's reviews of WC2 and Power Play, and they all make great use of the games' screenshots. There's also a crazy GameStar video that uses Sinner's Inn briefly as a backdrop. I wish I knew what was going on there!

...with Heinrich Lenhardt (Founder Powerplay, Founder PC Player, Co Founder Gamestar) with Privateer 2 Background - the Bar ;D

Original update published on December 14, 2018
It was a Comedy Special from the first Gamestar in Sep 1997 until mid 2004 or 2005 - can't remember it.

Raumschiff Gamestar - Starship Gamestar where some hero Journalists gametester fight the Evil one :D

In that Scene Jörg Looking for Heinrich. The other guy was some sort of Bounty Hunter because Heinrich owes some Jabba :D Money. And Heinrich told he has some store with cyber dogs and in a few hundert years he can pay him :D :D Then Jörg save him and Heinrich join the Crew of the Gamestar as a "Privateer" he is in reality still today ;) In the Journalism Branch of Computer Games Magazines Heinrich is working for a very long time, since 1984! He lived since 2001 in Vancouver, before in Munich.

Also this :D

Good ol' Heinrich.
That's him too by the way

Love the bit at 2:05 where he's supposed to leave but can't stop playing.