Gemini Sector RPG, help us name Kilrathi tanks


Hey all you awesome wc fans.

In the gemini sector rpg, we may be doing some planetary missions soon. Those missions will be to support some ground forces. I would like some help coming up with the names of the kilrathi land vehicles. Here they are with VDU Images. I leaned in a bit on the command and conquer brotherhood of nod while making these designs.

Kilrathi assault tank, the workhorse. Quad treads and dual offset cannon.
Kilrathi missile tank. Spams IR missiles, also it's a hovertank.
Kilrathi laser turret. Think of a jalthi fixed to a point... so basically a jalthi
Kilrathi flak turret. A tank that drills it's rear into the ground for stability and then fills the air with mass driver flak fire. (it can mine for more ammo)
If you have any semi serious suggestions for names, I would love to hear them.

p.s. the Hak'a'loogie is already taken. ;)


"You may or may not be in a position to suggest some names for these, but it's very cool that fans are playing around with the awesome VDU art style. "

Everyone is welcome to suggest! :)

Also thanks for the signal boost.