Gemini Sector RPG Announcement


Hello all you beautiful wing commander fans.

The gemini sector RPG team is starting a new campaign in the Nitir sector.

Our events calendar is available on and we need pilots. Trust me, I am going to throw a real challenge at the players this time.

Also, the combat engine has had some minor cosmetic enhandements that will be revealed this Sunday. The game is sunday at 11:00 am EDT, come and join. This weekend, the crew will stop some dorkathi slave ships.

Looking forward to seeing you!


Here's some vdu artwork from the last mission. red lines are turret fire. Bonus points to those who identify the ships.

Hint: the Leigh and MacKay are kitbashed.


Now that the session was played, here's the briefing link
. Notice the wing commander academy easter egg.
The game engine was improved a bit, it now has "Autopilot"

As well as killshots when the pilot does some glorious damage.

Remeber, we always need extra pilots, and the game is designed to be fun and easy to join. No prior roleplaying experience is needed. This is the first time I play a role playing game with people and I am now hosting a mission series. ;)

hope to see you there (
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