Gemini Gold 1.0 bug report



Hello folks,

Here are some bugs I think I ran into (Windows version):

1. Upgrade and repair screen shows funny things, such as a turret installed on a Tarsus (and yes, it says Tarsus doesn't support it when I try to sell it) or missing Jump Drive on a ship that surely has one. Also, at times there is a section "Damaged" in the right pane that might've been pretty useful to repair quickly but almost never lists all of the damaged components.

2. Further, I was able to buy better scanners, shields, and generators without selling worse ones. But after I sold the older ones, there was no way to buy them back. Definitely, something is wrong here. If I can't use both (say) Level 2 and Level 3 generators, L3 should probably either replace L2 or not be available for purchase till I sell L2, eh?

3. Energy usage, afterburners & ECM. With L3 generator and L3 shield on a Centurion, as the energy runs down the afterburner starts to 'cough'. Well, I don't mind surviving several 25 kps jumps per second ;) but when I install ECM, the afterburner starts working smoothly even when energy indicator is as its leftmost. How come?

4. Eternal acceleration. At times, when seriously beaten up, the ship starts to accelerate, slowly but eternally, beyond the normally attainable speeds. Last night, I hit Oxford's Automatic Landing Zone making 4000+ kps and still accelerating.

5. Oh, and that Hunter guy... Dunno how but finally I managed to save two of, er, him, at different jump points. The first one didn't want to land on Oxford, so I went to another jump point, and there the other him was being attacked by Retros again all right. Now that other him landed (the first one still hanging around Oxford and chatting with me) and I've got my mission completed, but it was real weird.