Gamestop interview: Chris Roberts: Why I've Come Back to Gaming


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Wow. This really is looking like a Wing Commander reboot title! Also, the logo at the end of the video says "United Earth Empire - 2nd Fleet" or something along those lines.

I'd say Gametrailers have jumped the gun and put this up a little early.


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Where did that come from? Leakage????

With that and CR saying he wants to meld the Wing Commander experience with the privateer/freelancer experience in one game...
I may just explode now.


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On the Radar screen with the Kilrathi emblem, if you pause it at the right time, the text seems to say...

Hostile Signal


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this is becoming more and more like the original vision chris had for wing commander.

oh and that lovely carrier was a real eye-opening treat. :)


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Please be a Wing Commander reboot! Please!

The first thing that came to my mind when seeing that carrier was the original Tiger's Claw. The green colour, the look of it. Just screams Bengal Carrier. And the fighters? They looked like the original rapiers!

When you look at the writing though, not sure it says "Kilrathi"? But the inspiration is definitely there. And that's what's important, that in essence this is Wing Commander. Re-imagined the way Chris Roberts had always wanted.

Disclaimer: If not I'm still going to love it, but it just makes it that much more awesome!

I sincerely hope this is what Richard Garriott is trying to achieve as well with his New Britannia. :)


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And what Flashpoint say:

Station Veg_5...Vega Sector?!
Another pic ^^ Poor Pilot :D


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Looks like a cat soooooo much!!!

I wonder if without the IP rights, CR will have to call things by other names, but leave it open for modders to change things :)


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In the Gamespot Interview he talks already about Mods and Tools ;)

I can't wait. In 2 hours we see the large trailer ;)


I'm so excited! I haven't been this excited about a release in years. It certainly appears to be a Wing Commander game.


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Look, it says "hornet light fighter" :).


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......I'm not convinced it's WC just yet. That emblem on the radar is definitely the Cat logo from the Prophecy cluebook..but the alien pilot sucking vacuum looks more dog-like than cat-like to me. Vanduul?

Dammit. Two hours to go. I'll be quietly optimistic.


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Wow. Nice find! Totally missed that. A little strange that the designers of the ship felt it was important to label what it was inside the cockpit...Unless it was left there for the fans to find in this early version. It does look like that texture doesn't fit perfectly there...

Also, the name appears to support the idea that it's a Wing Commander game - Squadron 42 doesn't really sound like a name that you'd use to market an entire universe of the scope that Chris is talking about. Wing Commander: Squadron 42 - that might work a little better... :)