Galactic Civilizations III Wing commander project.


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I've Been working on creating all the Confed ships since early in the year in Galciv3's ship builder. At this point I have around 35 confed ships (and a lone kilrathi fighter) on steam workshop. Interested to see this communities take on my work so far.

Initially I started out with the goal to just complete the first two games ship sets since I prefer the look and feel of those designs to the later games sharp angles but ive recently consigned myself to finish the series and added WC3 and WC4 to the list (as well as Armada and Privateer I).

You can find the collection here:
Terran Confederation Collection
and I'll work on posting a few images in the thread.

Thanks in advance! :)
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Hey, I think we tweaked things so you should be able to post images or links directly. Looking forward to seeing what you have!
There are waaaay too many to post all at once, but here are a few choice shots I had handy. let me know what you think. (Links go to the Steam page with more pics.)

F-36 Hornet


F-54 Epee


F-44 Rapier II


A-14 Raptor


P-64 Ferret


CF-105 Scimitar


A-17 Broadsword


Bengal Strike Carrier


Exeter-class Destroyer


Gilgamesh-class Destroyer






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Those look great. I don't have Galactic Civ to be able to give them a spin unfortunately.
The game is about 7 dollars/Euro right now on Steam.

Ironically I picked up my copy a few weeks ago on Humble Bundle. :D
Iirc I picked mine up in a steam winter sale last year and paid $30 for the base game and all the DLC at the time...but the Crusade expansion dropped since then and that was $30 by itself.

Definitely look for a sale or do the bundle if you want to save some money on it as outside of sales it's upwards of $70 for a complete game with all the dlc.
Never was a huge fan of the Gilgamesh. But that may be the best-looking take of it I've seen yet!

Thanks! yeah it is kinda a big wedge isn't it? :)

Still pondering what to do next. Last few were the Tarsus from Privateer...


...and the Clarkson Jammer variant.


I still need the Confederation to finish out WC2 (WC1 is done) but that ship will likely take up as much if not more time than the Bengal did (few weeks of fiddling) so I feel like it's a toss up between Vesuvius and Concordia ATM.

I've also begun putting together factions for Union of Border worlds and Free Republic of the Landreich. Since they share some ships with Confed the ship sets are actually more than halfway there for both already.