Frightful Kilrathi Concept Art Surfaces (November 24, 2014)


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Concept artist Mariano Diaz has posted some startling Kilrathi additions to his portfolio. Much like Rob McKinnon's work, this dates back a couple years to Chris Roberts' early Wing Commander pitch for what would eventually become Star Citizen. The Kilrathi included here are some of the most terrifying depictions anywhere. There's also a clear visual lineage from these designs to the aliens that are now known as the Vanduul. Check out the slick looking Salthi as well. If there's any chance that these monsters are what Chris has in mind for a future director's cut of the Wing Commander Movie, that would be something to see!

Thanks to Klavs for the tip!

Original update published on November 24, 2014
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I believe these are more recent, from the "Michigan" project. They aren't precursors of the Vanduul, though - they were concepted by Chris Olivia (himself a WC vet.)


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Dunno - I quite dislike them. While they look kinda brutal and scary the faces also look even more artificial the WC4 Melek or the WC Kilrathi to me.


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I think a lot of how they would look in an enhanced WC movie/new game/etc comes down to the quality of the physical construction or CGI. To me, the designs don't appear inherently more artificial than WC4 Melek, but I could see how they could turn out as such if the builder did a poor job slapping them together. On the other hand, if someone took their time carefully putting these Kilrathi into the next WC product, I think their ferocity factor could make them some of the best in the series.

Just imagine a Confed Marines movie where ultra scary Kilrathi stalked humans around a ship (think Alien). That would wind up with a huge following in both sci-fi and horror genres. You could almost expand the Kilrathi scenes towards the end of the WC Movie and include an awesome 10-20 minute interlude like this there.


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Dunno - I quite dislike them. While they look kinda brutal and scary the faces also look even more artificial the WC4 Melek or the WC Kilrathi to me.
Concept art isn't about how "artificial" it looks. Mainly you commission pieces like this to explore the type of feel you want them to have, not to cement the *exact* look they'll have in the finished product.. How real they move or look on screen (or when fleshed out in 3D) is up to the artists and effects people working on the movie or game and the time and resources they have to realize the style and feel the original artists were going for.


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All in all I think they're pretty cool. The upper bodies appear a bit freakishly long and the Salthi a bit overdone but all in all, pretty good. Not as nice as the WC2 Kilrathi but still...


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I find these concept arts very very nice, but unfortunately when I spotted the mention "Battle-Cats" my brain started hesitating between laughing or weeping. Still stuck as of now.