You're really, really in the wrong forum if you're looking for anyone to enjoy Freespace 2.
All old hams of spacesims are brothers, I beieve.

Freespace 2 is not well liked by the general population of this board and is sometimes thought of the reason the spacesim genre died an ignoble death.

Not everyone thinks that way, I'm sure but there is a majority vote on it.
I'm not a big fan of Freespace, but I played the games and they were ok.
I might read the fanfic, so thanks for the link :)
LONG after this posted but I recommend you reposting a link in the Hard Light Productions site.

We don't have any issue with people replying to old threads, but he hasn't logged in in nine years, so he probably won't see this.
Freespace 2 is awesome, wing commander is awesome, Rebel Galaxy is awesome, x-wing is awesome,

Necroposting. But yeah, not enough of us left to fight. Let's just enjoy this stuff.
I actually think Freespace did some things really well. It's hard to come back to - single location (muuuuuuch simpler to code as I'm learning) and some goopy controls, but it introduced the enemy threat in a more interesting way than WCP and FS2 had nice visuals. Not really interested in the universe though.