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I'm sure it'll still be good Ghost

It will be good if you want a 3rd person view/1st person view shooter/Tomb Raider Arcade, i want a little more like a Space-sim, to me looks like Homeworld meets Tomb Raider with a dosage of FPS


Well to all you nitpickers and naysayers who say it'll never come out....ign just had an interwiew with Freelancer's lead project developer and he said that they are working on beta right now and that it'll definetly be out by March 2003

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I think someone recently discovered that FL will be released in January. Check out Lancer's Reactor.

Lancer's Reactor is kidding themselves if they think that a magazine put together months ago has a more realistic date than Microsoft themselves have announced. :)


I'd rather have a true sequel to StarLancer than FreeLancer. I like story driven games more than free-ending ones. Plus I don't know if I'll be able to accept the controls for FreeLancer.


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Mircosoft were planning on making 2 sequals to Starlancer, but Starlancer sold poorly, so they diecided not to


IIRC, according to the announcement made about six months ago, Freelancer was supposed to be out last month.
Freelancer has gone from "Due out sometime in the next year or two" to "Due out sometime in the next several months". Unfortunately, its been in the latter stage for several months now, and the specific month its due out keeps shifting, keeping the release date at a nice constant distance from the present date.
I'd say its the usual MS vaporware, except for the small difficulty that afaik, there isn't any competition to be upstaging at the moment.