Freelancer Questions Thread


I like how you titled the thing...Space epic... not simulator ;)

You can ask how it will be played in a FPS emmh fist person view.

You can ask if they will make an expansion called something like *Lord of the Space...*

You can ask if the thing will support a joystick and most important a trackball

You can ask if it will be compatible with Homeworld 2.

And surely you will *grab* an alpha or beta copy to beta test...emmmh, share it with your fellow nuts!

Sincerely yours. Mr Ghost


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I have an (obvious but unlikely) question.. If Freelancer is a success, would Microsoft and DA pursue a Freelancer sequel.. or attempt to do some sort of Wing Commander licensing deal for the XBox or PC along the lines of Destination Games and their GBA deal.


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Will there be joystick support? (if it's like Earth and Beyond, you won't see it on my PC)

Multiplayer, or do we have to wait for Freelancer Online?

Four-sided shields, two-sided shields, or what?

How do the graphics that were "amazing" in 2000 look now?

System requivements?

Capship sizes?


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About the sans joystick control, which would mean mouse and keyboard.

Would it feel like the game Aquanox, like as most FPS games?

And how free would the planet/station side navigation will be? Would it be like in Privateer/Archimedian Dynasty where we just click on a location and simply walk there, or would it be like Earth & Beyond?



I've got to ask the same question about joystick control, if its not in there I don't wanna know about it from a space combat perspective and hence it'd really have to win me over some other way (ie review scores etc).

The main thing I want to know is how much of the game is spent in actual old fashioned dog fights and what is the rest of the game like, how does it control?

I'd have asked about the amount of cutscenes, but it says right on the webpage 2 hours :( Must have new game of epic proportions.


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Freelancer is not a Space Combat Sim. it's a Trader Sim, like Elite. Personnly I'm going to use the Keyboard for the controls


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Indeed, TLR is one of the best Starlancer and Freelancer Sites around. I personnlly can't wait till Freelancer comes out


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Here is a question!:What this Thread is doing here ??Shouldnt be in the off-topic zone ??

Its has nothing to do with WC :p


Release Date: March 2003
Joystick: No
Controls: WASD + mouse
Physics: Non-newtonian, probably similar to Wing Commander
Viewpoint: Chase-cam (default) or in-cockpit

The most recent description of the control scheme (that I've read) says that you use the mouse to steer and the WASD keys to strafe. I don't know if there is any equivalent to the afterburner slide maneuver from the Wing Comander series.

The "normal" mode of operations is to place the ship under Neural Net(TM) autopilot control and just pick targets and aim the guns using the mouse. You use the spacebar to toggle between autopilot and manual steering.

It doesn't sound anything like Earth and Beyond, but it's not a hardcore sim either. Sounds more like a 3D action shooter in a Privateer type of setting.


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Originally posted by TCSTigersClaw
Here is a question!:What this Thread is doing here ??Shouldnt be in the off-topic zone ?? Its has nothing to do with WC :p

I've already addressed this. Just ask your freakin questions. This isn't a Freelancer discussion thread (either).


In how many Cds Freelancer will come?

There will be a map about the Sirius sector?

There will be some WC things for fans in the game (like the Talon in P2)?


G'ah it sounds like a FPS in space, and me and PC FPS controls don't get along... maybe M$ will port it to the X-box (no I don't own one but one day maybe if they get some more worthwhile titles, come on Shenmue 3! :D)