Freelancer maybe?


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Thought this looked interesting. Dont know if anyone else has seen it yet.

Yeah.. that's where I work. Date changed from 9/18 to April 2003 about five weeks ago.. It might make it.. probably not. They just delayed Brute Force to Q1 2003.


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Freelancer's been delayed, delayed, and delayed again....hmmm, I really wouldn't care if the game fell flat on its ass now after so many delays. Hopefully it could teach MS a lesson, but even a slight glimmer of hope is pushing it.:D


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Zor's right, it's one of the phrases this guy says if you exit early or suck real bad.


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Wing Commander would kick even more hiney if it had the campaign system that F4 had. If you've played it, you know how good it feels when you can decide just about every aspect of a mission you fly, and really hitting them where it hurts (that is, if you know what you're really doing:) . For instance, in F4 I would hit the high-value signal site first to disrupt comms, then hit the ground forces amassed in some of the larger cities, and lots of airfield strikes, etc. I believe this would really kick in WC. The classic missions we all know and love could still be in there to be triggered when a certain situation occurs, to keep the continuity of the story.

Just one of those 'what if' things I like to think about.
F4 Campaign system = TEH WIN

... Um, you can probably tell I agree with Wulf's post by now, so... *Goes somewhere else*