Free Mechwarrior 4 Mercs


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I guess Smith and Tinker finally worked out the kinks and realeased a free Mechwarrior game. Its probably just in its beta form, but it is free. I doubt I'll download as I already own the game.

Here's the article from Tomshardware:,10329.html

So I guess I will finally get Mechwarrior 5 and Starcraft 2 (relatively soon). Now the only thing on my games wish list is a Wing Commander VI or another good space sim.
The MTX client is horrible but you can (eventually) switch it to http mode for downloading under file->options->network. This will avoid bittorrent for those with ISPs that throttle traffic etc.
It's probably better than going to those shady spamware file hosting websites that throw 60 ads at you while waiting 2 minutes for a "download slot" to open up. The internet's a big scary place, visit anywhere but the CIC at your own risk.
What I want to know is why my upload rate in MTX is always (I do mean always) at least four times my download rate...when I specifically set my max upload connections to 0.

EDIT: The extractor is exactly the same as the MTX program...without the ability to start stop or pause the download, without the ability to load multiple downloads at the same time (FYI: It requires three separate downloads to work), and without the ability to monitor port usage, bandwidth usage, or anything else remotely useful.

Oh Standoff Team, you have spoiled me.
free birth scum prepare for download :nerd glasses:

I actually downloaded it through the torrent pretty easily after I opened the right port on my router. It took maybe 5 hours to download. I couldn't seem to get the no-cd patch to work just right... I think something was wrong in my registries, but it didn't matter because I already have the game disks.

I did enjoy doing the solo glitch on beach fight. Seeing the "unseen" mechs in Mektek's mod made me watch Macross on hulu.

I feel like a huge MechWarrior nerd now :)