Frawqirg-class Destroyer Escort


Hello folks,

I have saved me this here as a christmas-present for you. Though even the very impressing standoff-mod has been released yesterday, I hope someone is still around reading this here :D Now before you enjoy the shots below, let me just give you the following on the way :

Merry Christmas to all of you from the entire WC-SAGA-Team.

So here is our final version of my most beloved kilrathi-warship.

Constructed by the Kilrathi after the Battle of Earth, the Frawqirg-class Light Destroyer became the mainstay capital ship in the Kilrathi Fleet. Even though they were generally weakly shielded and armored, its armament made it a valuable escort ship for larger cruisers and carriers, and its torpedoes enabled it to threaten even the largest Confed warship. There is also a small hangar bay to house a shuttle and half-squadron of light fighters. In keeping with the Kilrathi's psychological warfare philosophy, this destroyer class is shaped like a large, serrated claw. Combat reports show that our latest Sheffield-class destroyer is much more then capable of fighting it one-on-one.






Here are also some ingame-screenshots of this baby (I made him "friendly" for taking these pictures, normally he will not give you the chance of making some peacefull panorama-shots from him ;) )





Hey, looks awesome, guys. Great detailing :) And a Merry Christmas to you all, too. Looking forward to smoking one of those kitties in-game ;)


Rear Admiral
I always loved the look of that ship, and you guys have made it even more amazing.

*re-reads Tolwyn's line*

Hmm...seems like if that release date on the Saga site is accurate, the next few days could be very interesting.


talking of releases when are we going to see this one. I would certainly like to play it. Oh yeah, is it SO add on like the others or will I need something more fancy.


A thing of beauty is a joy forever, at least until you unload a torpedo into its engines. Good work!

Oh, to answer your question, even though it is based on the FS2 engine (and enhanced quite a bit, I might add) the mod will be entirely stand alone, so don't worry.


good job. I like standalone stuff. But still, when are we going to get to play it. I want to play something new. I hate prophecy now, really boring and I can't get my KS WC3 to work on my pooter.

Oh yeah, as an aside, Sage gurus, was it saga i did some voice stuff for or standoff. I cant remember.


Cry some more!
How well will this precious game run on a Barton 2800+ @3200+, with 512 RAM DDR400 and a Radeon 9600Pro?