Fralthi II under construction


My latest project:



I'd love to see someone else use this one when I release it! ;)

I'm uploading the arrow models atm, I'll post them in the other thread when they're ready.

Bob McDob

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That's very nice, although I'm not totalyl sure how I feel about the greebling. Can't wait till it gets texture-rized :)

Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
Oh, I didn't mean I hate greebles in general ... I'm just not terribly fond of those in particular. (I'll admit it does give it that Star Wars '70s era sci-fi feel, though :) )


The greebling looks good. ive been experimneting with it it, and i must say thats a very good result. and the lighting is also good, just a bit dark.(skylight and light tracing?) and pleez, when your finished create some nice pictures involving some shooting for example.


Looks good, although I don't think your choice of details really fits the Kilrathi design style. Why not design them in asymetrical, angular shapes and panels rather than in blocky "Human" style?

gevatter Lars

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Looks like a good start.
I would say the windows are a little bit to big..don't know if you could try to find out how big they are and then resize them to something more real.
As allready said the grable-things shoudl be something more kilrathi...maybe some triangles.
The placement of the hangar...have you tried to get a fighter through it? They seem to be quite small compared to the windows.

About if there should be these grable-stuff-things or not...well if you ask me I prefer it without, cause they make no sence then looking like anything StarWars.
I mean what idiot would build a warship with pipes or any other valuable things outside the armored hull? Some visible armorplates or sutch things make much more scenes, but these things are just there for the look.
(Thats my very own opinion and dosn't mean that it looks bad with them..just that I don't like it)

gevatter Lars

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By far not as good as your Fralthi II...but I just wanted to show how I would do some additinal details.
Well that model is for ingame-use and not for movie-qualitiy as yours and its "confed" and not kilrathi..but for Kilrathi I would just change it into more triangeld shapes.


My try for a more detailed version of the Black Lance carrier.


My my, time flies. I wish I had more time to make stuff! Not much left to do now, hangar and intake thing below and maybe a detail or two here and there. Hopefully I'll have time to make some torpedo run pics with it :)



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Wow, very nice. But... I can't help but have the feeling I've seen this model before... maybe on the front page news. I guess this is a more detailed rendering.

[Edit: Maybe I was just thinking of your Kilrathi dreadnought model. Love seeing the same style applied here! :)]


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That's pretty cool man, keep it up

But now you're forcing me to choose which version is cooler: your's or Lynx's :cool:


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Damn, there are so many talented people in this community, look at the stuff they are able to create....hells yeah...looks great...can't wait for you to have it under attack...maybe getting blown up...yes, it is art, but still it's a kat cruiser!