Forum Changes! Read me before complaining!


Victory, you say?
Well, this looks strange.

As for when the new version will come out, it’s not hard to speculate it will be about the time most people get used to this new style. Then it will have to change again.

EDIT: So it seems that the off-topic count is retroactively.


hmm over 1600 posts, and it didn't promote me. :/ I don't care, but it looks liek there are still some bugs.

[edit] fixed now :) [/edit]


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I will say at least these changes aren't too drastic... don't particularly care for the poster details above the post (since for a number of posts it occupies the majority of the space), but at least the vital features are there. (I think that would be my only comment, but I believe that'll be fixed eventually).


Mr. Standoff
Hmmm, am I the only one who hadn't noticed the nifty menus on people's names yet?


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Dundradal said:
The appearance and layout are quite different...I was wondering why this morning when I tried to log on I got the quite odd banned picture.

What exactly does this banned picture look like, not that I plan on seeing it here...

Bandit LOAF

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There's actually another picture that you see if you've been banned... it's... hard to explain.

Cpl Hades

Mr. Kat
So aside from a few graphics which need coloring when the image pack is released, everything should now be more or less normal. Anyone know of any more problems? Or maybe something that we should add when the board goes final?


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A "Mark Forums Read" button on top of every page would be nice. There´s only one of them in the Forum´s main page.

And remember to do something about those Zombie smilies.


Nice update, I like the new style! :) Profile pictures are a good idea.

Well...I sent a pm to loaf for an another request.