For Want of Heart of the Tiger (February 23, 2009)


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It's one thing to read countless blog entries of gaming websites calling for the ressurection of old classic franchises, and yet another to see it in print. So it's with great interest that the March 2009 issue of PC Gamer ran a column calling for just such a thing.

While the column mostly discusses the success of the ressurection of the Fallout franchise, the writer specifically mentions a handful of titles he thinks would be great to ressurect. Interestingly, of the eight he mentions by name, half are old Origin titles, and of course we wouldn't be talking about this if Wing Commander wasn't among them.
"Bring back X-Com, X-Wing, Crusader, Baldur's Gate, Wing Commander, Ultima, Syndicate, MechWarrior, and ! There are dozens of excellent development teams out there who are passionate fans of all these games and their universes, just like Bethesda is about fallout, and would love nothing more than to work their hearts out to make high-quality 21st century versions."

Original update published on February 23, 2009
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