For dinner, tonight, I had a sandwich...


a full fledged GF
This is the principal of Old Saybrook High School.

His name is Scott - or Scot - Schoonmaker, and he is a doofus. Everyone say hi.

How does this affect my dinner? Well, I could tell you, but showing will work better. Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to present to you "The Schooner"

Yes, folks, the sign says "Celebrity Sandwich."

But what's this? There's more!

An educated sandwich for only $3.49!! Well, I just had to have one, and let me tell you: it was so delicious, I ate it before I could take a picture. I feel like an enhanced person because of this experience, and lets not forget that twenty-five whole cents of the purchase price will make their way to OSHS coffers to provide the class of 2007 with the best grad night ever!

Right on, small town, America, right on.


a full fledged GF
We've been fabulously lucky...

Blessing of blessings! I was in Stop & Shop again the other day and found, to my amazement and incalculable gratification, that The Schooner was still available for purchase. I had a second chance to take photographs of the sandwich itself.

The Schooner is a well-packaged sandwich.

Having defeated the inedible plastic shielding, I was able to take my time and properly examine the masterwork that is a Schooner sandwich.

This one may have been even more delicious than the first, and I can sleep easy knowing that I've contributed fully 50 cents to a night of safe and sober fun for our graduating teens here in the Brooke.

God bless America.