For all of those who still need helping running WC4 bought form GOG


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About a year ago I was having issues with wc4 not being able to display video
HCI was kind enough to work with me on a solution he said that he would tweak it a little and release dwrsp 1.1 but never got around to it i guess
so if your on WINDOWS 7/VISTA and have tried everything try
if you want the tech side of what this does
"vmr7offscreen (currently set) configures the DLL to use the VMR video renderer, but instructs it to avoid using an overlay .

- evr, which configures DirectShow to use the new Vista / Win7 EVR Renderer (Windows Media Framework). "
This is the last version I did with HCI
and I can tell ypu although it could use some tweaking it makes the game fully functional and solves the problem
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I dont really know of any advantages other then being working better on Windows 7 its configured use windows7 framework I reached out to HCI after struggling with black screens after buying the gog release after many logs and chats back and forth togther with his expertise and my testing this was the result HCI was going to release a new offical version based on our findings but has been really busy so I thought better to release it for now
anyone still having video display issues on the gog version I recommend this