Flying Hornet Gets Its Stinger (March 31, 2019)


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AircPiratesNinsei flying Hornet model is ready for combat! He's mocked up some prototype laser cannons, and the results are pretty sweet. They're a real cherry on top of the overall design. The results are visible below, and soon they'll be available to download for prospective builders out there!

The laser cannons are installed! The AUW is 593 g (20.92 oz). Here are some pictures of the parts. The finished laser cannons resemble the tournament lance of a medieval knight! The plan for the laser cannons follows!
Original update published on March 31, 2019


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It looks like the Hornet was one of the 2nd place winners the 2019 Flite Test Forum & Flite Fest Community Fantasy Aircraft Design & Build Challenge on March 31, 2019!

Wing Commander Hornet
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The maiden video is just perfect! Love the spliced in game segments! This design looks so cool and angular and performs really well too - and the plans are excellent quality - really impressive work! Now we just need a printable skin for this that lives up to the amazing package you've put together here! :D

Sweet performer! The crash was regrettable and spolied my day! I still get jumpy whenever I see one go in! Mind you there was a bit of that in this competition. Perhaps I need a sedative! Great simple performer and a recommended build for those wanting something nicely crafted and spirited.