Flying for the AWACS


I am playing the Privateer Remake bonus campaign path in which I fly for the AWACS as they undertake their Glorious Communist Revolution. I keep getting sent from system to system as each new one gets taken over by the Revolution. How long does this continue for? Until all of Gemini has been taken over? What happens afterward?


The third plot is in the Privateer Remake (the version with all the extras), not Gemini Gold. This plot, which is a branching story, begins when you meet Destinee on Munchen refinery in Tingerhoff system. My personal reccomendation is to finish the Steltek Gun plot first, and then play the bonus plot--having the boosted Steltek gun (which you lose if you start the Righteous Fire plot) makes it easier.


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This better not be another one of those stupid 'Privateer 3 Nuclear Streamer Mission' things or I swear someone will probably get banned.


Perhaps we could get back on topic? I just wanna know how long the "Glorious Revolution" is supposed to last and what to do when it does.

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You would do better to ask at the Vega Strike forums. We're more familiar with actual Wing Commander information than we are Hellcat's megalomaniacal crap.


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yeah.. that campaign is not something that was part of the original privateer, nor is it part of Gemini Gold..