Flight Sim Themed Board Game

Hi all,

Longtime lurker here over the past 10 years or so. I'm working on a prototype that just screams WC IP (unlikely to get from EA, I know). Feel free to check it out and let me know if you have any input or are interested in helping with prototyping / art in any way (post here or at BGG, either OK with me). My goal is to prototype in 2018, and see where that goes.

Also, any input on licensing would be helpful. I love WC, but am well aware that EA can be a brick wall.



If you're in need of an alternative IP, I've got one I'd be willing to let you use. I created it a while back (some definite juvenilia) and it too began based on WC. If you can overlook the cringe-worthy bits, it'd probably be more than adequate for your needs.

I too have given a go at the sort of game you're wanting to make, so if you want an extra set of hands, just say the word.
great, feel free to PM your details and we can talk. I would love to review your content.

I just spent all night working on an abstracted combat system.

I just had a linkedin conversation with Don Perrin, the creator of the CCG. Good guy! Origin approached him directly, so didn't have an IP issue at the time. I could see completing protos and playtesting, building a buzz, then contacting EA marketing for the license... or someone else. I can't imagine the WC IP really drawing in any additional kickstarter funding... unless i'm severely underestimating this community.

I could definitely see this concept reskinned as Star Wars: Rogue Squadron or something of that ilk.