Flight Commander


Vice Admiral
Flight commander is a wing commander style game engine written by and for the fans. Flight Commander can import
ships from existing Wing Commander games. FC is OpenGL accelerated, and is already fully playable. The cool feature is that anybody can easily edit missions, campaigns, weapons, sounds, and ship stats.

We have a ship importer tool for using ships from the Prophecy engine, and we have a working graphical
mission editor. On a public release, we will also post the source code.

This winter we will be making the push to a public release of Flight Commander. I'm looking for others to join the effort:

Sound Engineer--Provide sounds for additional weapons.

Mission Designers-- Use the graphical mission editor to create missions.

Game designers-- Import statistics for wing commander ships

2d/3d Artists-- We could use a raytraced picture of the inside of a kilrathi carrier.Also, kilrathi and nephilim launch sequences could be created. Any other
creative graphical work.

Beta testers

C++/OpenGL programmers are always welcome, too

Right now mission designers and game designers will be the most critical tasks. If you would like to contribute in any way to flight commander, I'll do whatever
I can to get you started.

To contribute, please email Eddie Benowitz,
eddieb@ucla.edu for more details.

Eddie :)