Flight Cmdr 1.6 Released


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Download the new 1.6 release of Flight Commander.

New features for players:
  • A gorgeous new nebula and starfield background (thanks Standoff)
  • A new damage model.
    If you get shot up, your ship's performance starts to degrade. You lose missiles, you slow down, you can't afterburn. Your trusty repair system helps get you back on your feet.
  • Sparks trail behind damaged engines
  • An enhanced HUD
  • Enhanced missile lock sounds
  • Improved missile lock behavior and missile target selection
  • Improved automatic target selection for the player
  • A new high scores list in the simulator
  • A new training mission in the simulator
  • A new Nav Point cross: you can now visit nav points in any order
  • White rectangles around targets that are talking on the comm system
  • Ability to pause the game
  • Better captions during communications.

New features for mission designers:
  • A new mission, with a graphical Nav Map editor.
  • 7 new scripting functions
  • Give the player a choice of Nav points to visit
  • Set percentages on each mission objective.
  • Decide points awarded for the high scores in the simulator.
  • More flags for missiles: viewcone, attack enemies only (for IFFs), acquire a new target on missile launch.

Please request new features and report bugs.


Yay, new version. Mm, I spy a lot of my existing ship files that will need updating to work with this version, fun! :D I don't know what you did to the hub but it looks sweet.

Right, suddenly motivated to do some modding.
It's pretty cool graphically, but... two problems I have with this so far... one: the opening music grates for me (that's just an opinion0, and two: playing both sim mission *and* normal missions, the enemy went straight for me, and continued dry-humping me until I stopped and took them out within seconds. Now *that's* an issue.
Thanks for playing! Yep the AI is a known problem. And you can completely customize the music to be a different mp3.
Hey Eddie, any additional progress?

Oh and I am getting the "You used too many elements in weapons.xml , please declare more" error from a vanilla install of 1.6 with the update. Not sure why it has a problem. I even increased and decreased the number by 1 (49 and 47) to no avail.

Training Sim mission plays fine with flying the Shrike but crashes with error on Vampire and Wasp. I can view all 7 fighters in the simulator ship selection, yet when i use the ship viewer it crashes out with the same error whenever I get to the awacs or go backwards to the wasp.

Cutscene campaign doesn't crashes upon start.
Wow, I just saw where I had already mentioned this bug back in 2009. I had completely forgotten about this actually. Say was this bug fixed? I can't tell from the description within the "weapons xml tag" bug on the issues page.
I think the Vanilla 1.6 works just fine, it probably crept in on one of the patches. Don't worry, 1.7 will have it fixed one way or another.
Eddie is working on software for our next generation of mars rovers (including the biggie that just launched recently) I imagine they keep him pretty busy.
Not much new progress to report. I got quite a ways on 1.7, but then my computer died. All the files are recovered, but I still haven't gotten a new one yet. I suppose I could release a 1.7 beta, but it would be a while before I had any time to work on new features. Sorry.