Fleet action: Time spans and the like


Rear Admiral
I was reading fleet action and what I don't understand is Time scructure, ship speeds, and things. it seems like they don't deal too heavily in discussing just how long it takes to gather up all the forces.

Can someone help me out? perhaps I missed something?


Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
By my reckoning: The actual book lasts from July 9th, 2668 to December 31st, 2668. The formal armistice goes from July 20th to December 8th. The Kilrathi fleet is discovered on December 7th and immediately begins moving towards Kilrah and then Earth. Tolwyn's Third Fleet goes from Earth towards (eventually) Warsaw on December 17th. The Battle of Sirius is on December 30th and the Battle of Terra is on December 31st.