Flat Universe Reveals New Gameplay Trailer (May 7, 2014)


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Kyrgiannis has posted a big new update on the development of the Wing Commander Flat Universe fan game. There's a long list of recent accomplishments that you can read up on below, and a slick new video shows off these newly implemented features. Big plans are on the drawing board to keep pushing forward. Future updates will show off the HUD / VDUs and enhanced AI. Even more exciting are longer range goals to incorporate multiplayer and a mission editor for fans to play around with.

We've got several updates on the project. Now let's see:

1. Space flight and physics. Check (even though that's old news)
2. Guns and Blasters. Check (We can very easily simulate anything from laser blasters to the steltek gun and most of those are already done)
3. Shields. Check (Both technically and visually)
4. Capacitors and generators. Check (Every system drains from the powerplant and we have already planned for matter antimatter engines. Dragon anyone?)
5. Damage modelling. Check (Subsystems damage, collision detections, shield scrubbing etc. all in working order)
6. Star system modelling. Check (We have 7 star systems ready with more coming soon. Soon you can find them on the website).
7. Spacecraft. Check (Several ready. We are adding more everyday)
8. Space Station interior design. Check (The bar for the base is ready and we are moving to the other areas)

Last but not least...

We have enlisted the help of one of the a??famousa?? guys from this place to help us with the spaceship design. Who is it? Well check the following gameplay trailer video to find out....

Original update published on May 7, 2014
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I can't wait to try this. It looks fantastic. WC Arena was a fun game... it did have some flaws, one of which was how the original XBLA size limit meant that the graphics often come across muddy. The gameplay seems like it will be similar in some ways (top down shooter on 2D plane). But there's a bunch of little touches that seem to get a lot of the spirit right.
looking absolutely fantastic so far :D I love the Wing Commander: Arena style and the addition of capital ships (aside from the midway class) has me pretty jazzed.. keep up the amazing work, guys :D