fix to prevent demons/dralthis from strafing?


hi there i just got gemini gold and have to say its a great remake.

but i noticed that enemy ships can strafe - aim in a different direction than they are heading and have virtually no acceleration delay.
also the enemies' guns and shields are way to strong. (much stronger than in the original priv game)

is there a possibility to change that in some config file?


Same Problem

I have the same problem. On Oxford 3 I need 4 missile hits in a row to kill a demon. If one of the 4 miss or the enemy slips away for just a second their sheilds regenerate and I am back to square 1. Same is true for guns. I usually have to bring the sheilds to zero several times to get a kill. To complicate matters my targeting keeps switching even though I have locked in a target. I don't thik I will ever pass this mission unless I can tone down the enemies.


hmm, i fiddled with units.csv a little and reduced the turning rates to 100°/sec and acceleration/deceleration to 7000.
left_/right_/top_ and bottom_accel are at 2000 now. i have the feeling that they dont maneuver so jumpy anymore.

but the biggest problem remains the fire rate of the demon. they just do too much damage too fast.
changing the reactor to level1 doesnt seem to help either.